In the world of fashion, every brand is trying to come up with its own identity to add value to the brand. Being a part of that, Pusita Boutique Gallery offers the difference by which we make through our distinctive fashion designs. We create our own theme, color tone, pattern, and design to escape from what seems to be redundantly replicated, thus forming unique, classic, stylish, and elegant outfits.

Because we know what modern working women need, every single detail from pattern design, cutting, to materials is of our importance. We can assure you that our products will reflect your fashion statement and serve you just the right purpose.

If you are seeking quality yet exquisitely-designed clothes with reasonable prices, we, Pusita Boutique Gallery, are also looking for someone who dares to be different and shares the same ideology.

The definition of Pusita Boutique Gallery is “We are the difference that you can actually enjoy in the present world”.

If you want to make an order, please clearly specify a product code.

Purchase conditions
      Any order up to 2,443.1 $. earns you a 30% discount.**
      Give 50% discount for franchies

*** Delivery charge is excluded.

In case you are interested in investing with us, here are the term and condition.

      1.The franchise fee is 85,509.8 $
      2.The shop design must be exactly the same as the original style of Pusita Boutique Gallery.
      3.The duration of business operation is 5 years.
      4.Any order from 8,551 $ and more earns you a 40% discount.
      5.The shop area is required at least 40 square meters.
      6.Delivery charge is excluded from the products.

All packaging can be purchased through Pusita Boutique Gallery at the cost-based prices.

** Remark : Foreign Exchange Rates as of September 14, 2005
                    Average Interbank Exchange Rate = 40.931 Baht/US Dollar

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